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Moon in the Sky Theatre is the webpage of Tom Casling.  Tom describes himself as a playwright, impresario and a director of theatre.  Tom is based in County Durham, in the North East, and began writing in 2005.  During this time he has penned over 40 titles.

Seventeen of Tom’s plays are with Stagescripts Ltd and licences to perform them, and electronic reader copies, can be obtained from [email protected]pts.co.uk

Moon in the Sky Theatre is also the holder of the licences to perform 18 of Tom’s other plays and reader copies and licences can be obtained by contacting Tom at [email protected] or 07725105965

Tom has a selection of Full length and One Act plays readily available (many of the One Acts are written for / and suitable for Festivals).  He also enjoys the challenge of writing to order creating bespoke pieces for groups.