For scripts, reader copies, licences and permission to perform please contact:  [email protected] telephone 07725105965

Performance Fees: One Acts £10.00 per night .Full length £20.00 per night . Scripts £1.50 each and £2.50 per copy respectively (reader copies available)

The Loft  - This play explores the complex relationships that can happen or develop, between the unlikeliest of people. The play looks at the concepts of love, affection, family, friendship, relationships, our own and other people’s perceptions of our relationships, how and what attracts us to others and what can limit our relationships with other people. Through the characters of Bill and Jordan we see a friendship which seems to transcend the natural family ties

2 x 45 minute Acts 6m or 4m 2F

You Know I’m no good (The Amy Winehouse Story.) -  A play with music written from information in the public domain and from the  book written by Mitch Winehouse: Amy.  The play is written from the perspective of her father, a cabaret singer, telling the story of his daughter as he performs his act.  The play is currently embargoed.  Anyone wishing to perform it must first receive permission from Mitch Winehouse.  The  last two requests for permission have been declined.

2 x 1 hours roles many and various

What Happens in Therapy - Therapist Behavior Explained

In Therapy - The action takes place in the Cradlewell Clinic, a residential centre for people experiencing various addictions and mental health problems.  The action takes place over a four-week period. As clients this is a last in a series of attempts at recovery.  The clinic face a last chance to sort out their problems The clinic is dependent upon private donations and dwindling government aid and is very much on its own last legs.

4M 7F 2 x 45 minute Acts

Somewhere over the Rainbow - Imagine, it’s your 50th Wedding Anniversary. Imagine being surrounded by friends, relatives and loved ones. Imagine they have thrown you a surprise party, the lights are down low, Slim Whitman is singing ‘Darling Happy Anniversary’ and in comes the cake, accompanied by your daughter crying, ‘I’ve left him mum’. Follow the anxiety of John and Jean as they try to discover why their daughter has left her husband?

2 x 45 minute Acts. 7M 5F

IMG_0578 (Edited)

Ivy’s House -This play was written in order to celebrate the Market Charter within Sedgefield.  The play is set in modern times with flash backs to the 1600s.  It was commissioned to celebrate the charter award and although completed the group had problems casting and performing it at the time.  Despite this it works as a stand-alone period piece with a large cast. The play follows the story of a homeless individual called Ivy  and how she was viewed by society at the time and draws strongly on many of the same issues faced today.  Music and lyrics to accompany the play was added at a later date by Tim Jasper

The Herb Garden Plot  This play was written for a group of disabled people.  The play is set in a residential care home when a mysterious death occurs and an investigation ensues.   The play is essentially a Murder Mystery with an amusing Inspector Cleuso type detective hired to solve the crime.

Two acts of  40 minutes with 5M 4F

Welfare to Work - This is the second piece of work commissioned by the Outlookers Integrated Theatre Group, a theatre company comprising disabled people.  The work looks at a world in which disabled people  have been employed to run an employment Bureau and to handle benefit claims because disabled people are all honest and grateful aren’t they?  This is an hilarious comedy, somewhat farfetched but well worth the laugh.

2 x 40 minutes 5M 8F

A Murder Mystery Weekend - This is a murder mystery written, for children aged 8-12. The Action takes place at Rustoys Manor, a remote stately home in the Lake District.  Each year Lord and Lady Rustoys hold a competition for children.  The children are asked to invent and to design a new toy.  The seven best entries win a place on a Murder Mystery Weekend.  The children are then asked to use their skills to solve the murder.  They have to discover who committed the murder, how they did it and why?  The prize for the winner is £10,000.  The children have to come to the weekend as a character, which has been decided for them by Lord and Lady Rustoys and remain in character all weekend.  They cannot have any contact with the outside world for three days, mobile telephones, electronic and/or communicating devices are banned.  Characters include: Lord and Lady Rustoys, Odd Job, Andy Mann, Isabel Ringing, Buddy Summers, Mrs Markham, Issie Well, Barbie Girl, Reverend Pugh, Joe King, Tabitha Lloyd and Ivor Clue.

2 x 30 minutes and 13 delightful characters.

Murder Mystery Weekend 2 -  In Murder Mystery One Lord and Lady Rustoys encouraged young people to enter a toy design competition and the winning seven contestants were invited to a Murder Mystery weekend at Rustoys Manor.  They had to come as a character picked out for them and remain in character all weekend.  The invitation however turned out to be a plot to steal toy ideas from children for the Toysrus Empire and Rustoys was an anagram for Toysrus.  Barbie Girl and Joe King foiled the plot.  Lord and Lady Rustoys were sent to prison for 5 years along with Andy Man and Odd job.  Murder Mystery Two picks up where the other plot finished.  The baddies are in prison but they are hatching another crime. Will they get away with it or will they be caught and found out again? Read on for the answers.  All the old characters are here along with some new ones and a few songs and dance routines. Characters include: Lord and Lady Rustoys, Odd Job, Andy Mann, Isabel Ringing, Buddy Summers, Mrs Markham, Issie Well, Barbie Girl,Reverend Pugh,Joe King, Tabitha Lloyd and Ivor Clue.

2 x 30 minutes and 13 delightful characters.

One Act Plays

42 Laburnum Avenue - This award winning play was the winner of the 2nd Durham and Sunderland One Act festival in 2019 . It also won the Best Writing category in the same year.The play concerns what appears to be two disparate people who are brought together by chance and whose lives become entangled.  This is a play for three characters: a female aged around 30, a man aged 55, and a 30 year old unsavoury man. The play contains strong themes and strong language.

1 x 50 minutes 2M 1F

ln Loco Parentis - Richard is in his mid to late 50s.  He has recently had a break down thought to be due to the pressure of working in a local secondary school and has sought counselling. We meet Richard as he attends for his introductory session with Katharine a therapist of 5 years.  Katharine is in her early thirties.  She has been in training as a psychologist following completion of her degree for about six years and has recently secured a place in a local practice in the north east of England.  The two meet and what follows isn’t all that it seems to be.

1x 50 minutes 1M 2F


The Covenant - Winner of the Best New Writing Award Durham and Sunderland One Act Festival 2020 and receiving a  Commendation by the Geoffrey Whitworth Playwriting Competition 2020. This play is a hard hitting drama based on the issue of homelessness It looks in particular the situation faced by what initially appears to be, the story of an ex armed forces veteran living on the streets due to PTSD.  As the play develops we discover that this is not a unique experience but somewhat all too familiar.

1 x 50 minutes 8M 5F interchangeable

Dancing ballerina Painting by Angelina Ivanova | Saatchi Art

Swan Song - A one act play with dance. It was written as a festival piece for 2020.  Swan Song tells the story of Siegfried an older dancer who through ill health, can no longer dance.  Siegfried lives with his housekeeper.  He wishes no more that to employ people to dance for him and to paint them in order that he can consider technique.  Through one of these encounters he comes across a young girl Sarah, in whom he sees an individual with potential, and perhaps someone who can help him fulfil the dream he never got to fulfil himself.  The problem is he fails to communicate this to the girl and she has other plans

1 x 50 Minutes 2M 3F

The Muse - This is a short, delightful, laugh-out loud, comedic play which lasts about 20 minutes in its entirety. David is a writer with pretentions of making it big and often wonders why it hasn’t happened.  He has written several pieces all of which have been published but is seeking inspiration for his latest piece.  He has decided to visit the local park at 7am to think and contemplate the dilemma.  Unfortunately it isn’t the tranquil experience he envisaged.  It would appear that his sojourn is anything but if the people he meets are anything to go by.  Where is his Muse? How and why has she deserted him in his hour of need?

1x20 minutes 1M 1 F (+3 walk on parts)

Ten Minutes to… - this pieces full title is Ten Minutes to Reach Inside.   It was written as part of a Live Theatre competition to write a piece in ten minutes which showed the progression of a piece and the characters - not as easy as  it sounds.  The piece ended up being about 15 minutes and deals with a vulnerable young girl in a counselling session.  It is evocative, emotive and gut wrenching. Makes for a good audition piece.

1 x 15 minutes 1M 1F

Confessions of... a Merseyside lollipop man - Liverpool Echo

Lollipops - This is a play for primary school children which tackles the difficult subject of bereavement and is designed to be used as an educational piece looking at bereavement whilst tackling the subject of road safety.  The piece had been performed with a youth group at an awards evening and was well received

1 x 30 Minutes 3M 3F

Social Evenings (whodunnits)

Brief Encounter (1945) | Valentine special - Filmuforia

The Case in Question - a new take on an old play.  The play is based upon Brief Encounter: Noel Cowards ‘Still Life’  It considers the rights and wrongs of an affair from the wronged husbands perspective who in this production, hires a private detective to follow his wife.  The piece is still a period piece and as such lots of chances to dress up in period costume. It is designed to fit around a three course meal with scenes interspersing the courses and an opportunity to question the actors who remain in character.  The piece is great as a fundraiser with a meal and has been performed as such several time.

As a play the duration is 1 x 40 minutes or as a fundraiser can run for two hours.  2M 3F

Celebrity Chef - Another whodunnit written as part of a social evening fundraising initiative.  The piece last 40 minutes but is written as a series of disparate scenes around a meal with the opportunity to question the characters who remain in character throughout.  The piece is designed to last for about 2 hours with a meal.  Performances include: The Kitchen in Durham and Durham Freemasons.  If you’re looking for a fundraiser this may be for you.

4M 2F 1 x 40 or 2hrs

Mankind Initiative - Bedfordshire Domestic Abuse Partnership

Mankind - This play deals with relationships and how to the outside world what appears to be one thing can be something totally the opposite when taken at face value. John is an older gentleman  and married to a much younger women.  This is his second marriage his first wife having passed away some years earlier.  He is the envy of his friends given his new wife’s age and beauty but then things are not always what they seem are they?  

1x 35 minutes 3M 2F

Hostage  - This is a short tragic play written in partnership with a local community within County Durham.  It contains strong themes, strong language and violence.  It is partly based on a true story.  The play centres around Michelle a retired police officer who has left the force after a breakdown following a tragic incident and a local family who have issues with Michelle.  

The play is  20-25 minutes long and involves 5M 4F