I currently have seventeen plays published by Stagescripts Ltd.  These plays were originally published by New Theatre Publications which ceased trading on 31st December 2016  Phone (UK): 0345 686 0611  For prices please visit this website or call or view [email protected]

Grandad - A hilarious comedy tinged with moments of poignancy. It deals with the issue of identity theft and has a unique twist to the ending of the play which lifts the spirits. Grandad lost his wife a few years ago and, as a result of a stroke and the illness which followed, had to move in with his son Dave, daughter-in-law June and their two teenage children.  We meet the family two years on.  Whilst the day-to-day effects of Grandad joining the family have had little impact on Dave and the two children, the relationship is beginning to take its toll on June.

2 x 45 minutes Acts. 6M 5F some parts interchangeable

Alter Ego - We meet Richard as he is preparing for yet another interview and as usual he has gone overboard with the preparation. So much so that Lynne, his wife, decides to sneak off for some peace and quiet.  Richard decides to go for a night out with a friend to calm his nerves and returns later that night rather the worse for wear.  He awakes the next morning to meet the displeasure of his wife and to a postman delivering twelve condolence cards. His mother-in-law arrives to inform him that he died two weeks ago and then  two undertakers            from the Co-op turn up insisting that they have come to bury him.  Could it get any worse? Yes, and it does.

2 x 45 minute acts 6M 2F some parts interchangeable

Tipp The Taxi Driver - Tipp is married to Margaret. He is, by profession, a taxi driver although these days he drives reluctantly choosing only the jobs he wants to. Tipp spends his days in his armchair watching quiz shows and re-living the day he almost won through to the finals of Mastermind. Then one evening he gets a call that intrigues him: to take a passenger to the Tyne Tees Television Studios. The young girl has been selected to be in ‘The Big Market’ a new television soap based in the north east of England.

2 x 45 minutes. 3M 2F some parts interchangeable + voices

Daughters of Eve - Six women meet once a year at a remote cottage. Five of them went to school together and are now in their 50s. The sixth is the daughter of one of the school friends who has now passed away. As the play develops we realise that nowadays they meet more out of guilt and habit, rather than for enjoyment. Jenny, their natural leader, is their rock, but the other five are in different states of turmoil. On the surface Ginny is the leader, the reality however is different.

2 x 50 minute acts 8F 0M or 6F 2M

Frozen Assets - Brenda Middleditch is a thoughtful mother and has planned for every eventuality. Peter her son is not. He is a chancer, takes risks and has had a few brushes with the law in his younger life. Peter has now reformed. He is older, wiser, married to Claire and about to have a son. He is also heir to £50,000 should his mother’s insurance policy pay out on her 65th Birthday. Unfortunately Brenda dies three days too soon.

2 x 45 minutes acts 4M 5F

The Problem with Fathers - Father Dan is an ageing Irish Catholic parish priest steeped in the traditions of the Catholic Church.  He lives with his long suffering housekeeper Mary Devlin.  One night Father Dan receives an unexpected telephone call from the Bishop followed by an impromptu visit.  The Bishop would like Dan to take a young curate under his wing; a curate who is causing embarrassment to the church because of his ability to perform ‘miracles’.  Dan agrees to this to ‘break him in’.

2 x 45 minute acts 4M 5F

An Honourable Life - Patrick and Mary await the imminent arrival of Father Brendan, Patrick’s brother who has decided to come and stay with them two weeks before Christmas.  Brendan is never the easiest of guests and it would appear that he has a problem that he urgently needs to discuss.  ‘At a time of goodwill to all men’ both brothers find themselves in need of shelter, questioning family values and needing to address what constitutes an honourable life.

2 x 45 minute acts 3M 3F

Hell hath no Fury - Peter and Sarah have been married for a couple of years.  They met later in life than the average couple and neither of them have had a great deal of experience of relationships prior to their marriage. Suddenly something has changed. They both believe that fault lies with the other person.  Sarah reluctantly confides in her mum whilst Peter chooses to confide in a work colleague and that’s when thing really start to go wrong.

2x 45 minute acts 3F 2M

The Day Out  - Today is Sid’s 50th Birthday and he is having a mid-life crisis.  If the truth be known he has been having one for the last few years but reaching the age of fifty has made the experience more marked.  His wife Mary, recognises this and has, for some time been trying to recapture the magic of their relationship.  Mary decides to take Sid for a day out to celebrate his birthday.  Sid, believes the day will be the same as previous birthdays: breakfast in bed, a book, a CD, perhaps a new shirt followed by a meal and a trip to the theatre.  How wrong could he be?

2 x 45 minute acts 3M 4F

The Artful Lodger- William and Millicent, his wife and long-suffering partner, are a couple in their late 50s. They are considering students as prospective lodgers. Having settled on a list of six Arthur enters unannounced seeking accommodation.  Arthur is like a breath of fresh air into Millicent’s world but a nightmare for William.  Arthur, or Artful as he calls himself, manages to win over Millicent who in turn convinces William that they should take him in.

2 x 45 minute acts 3 M 3F

One Act Plays by Tom Casling: Published by Stage Scripts

Jumpers - David Clark has reached a crisis in his life. He can see no way out of it and no point in going on, so he has now decided to end it all. He has made his plan and decided how to take his life  - he is going to jump off the Tyne Bridge. As he climbs out onto the edge of the bridge he decides to leave one final voice message  for his wife. Then the interruptions begin.

1x 30 minutes 4M 1F

Do We Know His Parents? -  Tom and Christina are a young couple at university and very much in love.  Christina has invited Tom home to meet her parents for the first time and like most parents the family album soon come out.  John, Christina’s dad can’t help but wonder about this young man who is dating his daughter and so as he has previously worked in Middlesbrough, where Tom comes from, and has contacts, he decides to check out his daughter’s boyfriend.

1 x 30 minutes 3F 3M

Sanctuary  - The play deals with the issue of sanctuary - a place of safety. It does this by creating a situation based partly on fact and partly on fiction. A man is about to be deported. He has exhausted all the possible legal options to remain in the country and when these fail he seeks refuge in his local church claiming sanctuary.  The play considers the legal aspects of this both historically, and in terms of today. It addresses the relationship between civil and church law.  It looks at how individuals, and the community, can provide support or condemnation perhaps coloured by their own experiences and media hype. The play also touches on our own private and public thoughts.  This play has a cast of 14 many roles can be doubles as appropriate

Seasons in the sun - Neil and his wife have always been lovers of the great outdoors: walking, cycling and camping. As they have become older they are not able to enjoy it to the same degree as they once did.  However when the couple encounter a crisis in their lives Neil suggests that they get away from it all and try to recapture their youth and their special times enjoying each others company in virtual solitude in the outdoors. What he didn’t envisage is how much things had changed and the new concepts of outdoor living.

1 x 35 minutes 4M 3F 2 voices

In Sickness and In Health - A play about an elderly couple Tom and Val Braithwaite and Val’s experience as her husband starts to display the early signs of dementia.  The play is told almost in the style of Shirley Valentine and is played directly to the audience with Val stepping in and out of particular scenes as she tells the audience her story.  The scenes depict Tom at various stages in the dementia process and the story is based on the actual experiences and feedback of partners of people with dementia.

1 x 30 minutes 1M 1F

Parents Evening - part of a trilogy of plays written in 2010 It dealt with issues of Children 5-11 years of age.  It is a   tongue in cheek look at how children are tested in school and the rewards we give them as parents for achievement. It looks at this from a child’s perspective.

1 x 30 minutes 4 children (8-11) 1 adult

Children of the Revolution - A play about young people rebelling because of perceived injustice.  Their rebellion is fuelled by a well-meaning teacher who underestimates the strength of feeling that  the young people have and the lengths to which they are prepared to go to challenge this injustice with  tragic repercussions.

1 x 55 minutes 4 adults 6 young people.